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President Nursultan Nazarbayev Visits No. 182 Polling Station Located at the National Academic Library and Casts a Vote in Early Presidential Election

April 3, 2011



“Today is a historical moment that once again drew international attention to Kazakhstan. We hold historic election as we celebrate 20th Anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence in the current year. We have experienced a lot and ovecome plenty of hardships. Much work had been done. But we still face further great and large-scale political modernization tasks of the state and society. That is why today’s voting of citizens will determine our unity, our aspiration to realize our plans. We have supported the industrial innovation program and social modernization plan. All these plans target the increase of the well-being of each Kazakhstani. All candidates had equal opportunities to visit regions and had acccess to mass media. They expressed their ideas and unveiled their messages to the people of Kazakhstan. There are some valuable thougts that we have to keep in mind. We are open to our society. The Central Election Commission had accredited 1,059 international observers to monitor the presidential election. More than 200 foreign mass media cover this important event. We are holding fair election in an open and legitimate atmosphere. All Kazakhstanis who came for voting today are coming with their families and other groups. I am very thankful for their activity,” Nursultan Nazarbayev highlighted at a press-briefing.

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The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan