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The next sitting of the working group on issues of constitutional reform was held under the chairmanship of Head of State Nursultan Nazarbaev in Almaty.

April 23, 2007

Preliminary results obtained by the working group, including suggestions aimed at strengthening the Parliament’s role in matters of forming Government and such state agencies as Central Election Committee, Counting Committee, Supreme Judicial Council, were considered at the sitting.

As a member of the working group, chairman of the Constitutional Council Igor Rogov said: “some amendments concerning the strengthening of the Constitution’s law-enforcement function, activities of social unions and political parties will be made to the project according to the suggestions developed by the working group. The President noted the role of the working group in eliminating omissions in the Constitution in matters of forming local self-government organs”.

These amendments and additions will be reflected in the final draft of the Law “About making amendments and additions to the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

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The working group was established according to the decision made by the State Commission for the development and concretization of the program for democratic reforms. Its objective is to shape the suggestions written in the adopted by the Commission document “Main directions of political reformation in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2007-2008” into the form of a juridical document.

The working group includes chairman of the Constitutional Council Igor Rogov, deputy head of the Presidential Administration Onalsyn Zhumabekov, chairman of the Committee for state construction and law policy of the Parliament’s Senate Ermek Zhumabaev, chairman of the Committee for legislation and judicial-law reform of the Parliament’s Majilis Sergey Zhalybin, head of the Legislation and Legal Expertise Department of the Presidential Administration Talgat Donakov, principal Omrali Kopabaev of the University named after D. Kunaev, director Gairat Sapargaliev of the Scientific Research Institute for State and Law at the Kazakh Humanitarian Juridical University, head Viktor Malinovskiy of the constitutional law department at the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abay, head Kalimolla Khalikov of the judicial power and criminal proceedings department at the Kazakh National University named after Al Farabi.

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