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Participation of the State Secretary of Kazakhstan in the National Forum

The Parliament deputies, representatives of the Presidential Administration, the Cabinet, central and local executive bodies, international organizations, the business community, trade unions and the public, attended the forum titled “To Society of Universal Labour”.

Opening the forum, the Secretary of State stressed that the Head of State, in his programmatic article "Outlook: Improving Public Consciousness," noted, "Today, not only an individual, but the nation as a whole has a chance of success only by developing its competitiveness."

Gulshara Abdykalykova noted that the nation’s future success would be measured by the quality of human capital.

The Secretary of State dwelled on the results of implementing a number of state and sectoral programs that contribute to achieving the goals of the Society of Universal Labour.

- There is a new model of social and labour relations, based on mechanisms of cooperation between the state, private sector and professional associations. New 290,000 jobs have been created as part of state and government programs this year, with about 500 professional standards developed, Gulshara Abdykalykova said.

The State Secretary emphasized that in almost 90% of large and medium-sized enterprises, as well as over 30% of small enterprises, there are collective agreements regulating social and labour relations.

- A new project has been launched in the country; it is a free vocational education. Young people have an opportunity to get their first work specialty at the expense of the state, Gulshara Abdykalikova said.

Within the forum, there was a ceremony of awarding the winners of the national competition "Yenbek Zholy", in which 329 people took part.

The event ended with the concert of popular artists of Kazakhstan.

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